Guests at Harbour House

Definition of Guest: Any person authorized by a resident for up to, but no more than, twenty-one (21) days with no financial consideration to the resident. After twenty-one (21) days, guest is considered a resident and subject to all requirements applicable to tenants, i.e. background check, leasing application, security deposits, etc.

Upon arrival all guests must register at the front desk when visiting. Residents will be contacted by the front desk via telephone upon the arrival of guests. Residents must be home to authorize visitors in order to allow them access in to the building. Should residents wish to receive their guests elsewhere in the building other than to their unit, they must advise the front desk and inform them of the guest name(s) and estimated time of arrival.

Residents under the age of 18 may not authorize Guest Passes and privileges.

In an owner’s absence, if they have a guest other than their immediate family staying in their apartment, both the owner and the guest must sign an affidavit attesting that there is neither rent money nor other compensation involved.

The following guidelines have been established and will apply to registered guests enjoying the amenities.

Studio apartments are entitled to 2 guests per day

1 bedroom apartment 2 guests per day

2 bedroom apartment 4 guests per day

3 bedroom apartment 6 guests per day

Definition of Resident: an owner or tenant registered with the management office.

Residents are responsible for their guests’ adherence to the Association Rules and Regulations.

Residents are responsible for registering their guests with Management. Guests using a resident’s condominium in their absence must have been registered with Management by the resident. Residents are responsible for providing Management with the proper registration forms.

Resident guests are not permitted to bring their personal pets unto the premises.

Tenants and unit owners shall be both jointly and severally liable and responsible for the actions and conduct of their lessees, guests, employees, and invitees.

Please be sure to contact the management office for a complete Guest Registration Packet.

The Ultimate Location

Harbour House is located on the edge of the Atlantic just 15 minutes north of South Beach. An exclusive setting for the Bal Harbour residence, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, silky beaches, and extraordinary designer fashions. One of the most distinguished neighborhoods in South Florida, Bal Harbour and the surrounding Miami area provide an escape like no other, with the Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep, the legendary Bal Harbour Shops just across Collins Avenue and an exclusive selection of places of interest within a short drive.

Bal Harbour Florida is an exclusive island village of only 3,300 people located on Miami Beach just 15 minutes north of South Beach. The ‘village’ is located on the south bank of the only inlet on the barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway of Miami Beach. The location and proximity of our Miami Beach luxury hotel is ideal, allowing for an exclusive oceanfront village oasis coupled with the ease of access to its neighbors to the north and south.