Owning at Harbour House

Owning a condominium is a big responsibility and we understand that at our community. The Harbour House Condominium Board of Directors is dedicated to protecting the investments made in your home, enhancing the appearance of our community, and keeping property values high.

In a condominium some parts (your residence) are owned privately, while others (common areas) are owned collectively by all of the condominium’s owners. It is important to understand the Rules and Regulations of the Association in order to make an informed decision on purchasing at any condominium building.

Step One:

Application Process: All applications are to be completed online by going to www.tenantev.com Please use code 5238 for an owner’s application. Documentation required includes: Photo Identification, Vehicle Registration, Pet Vaccination History (if applicable), Employment History, Copy of Sales Contract, Articles of Incorporation (if purchasing under Corporation or LLC), 6 Month Bank Statement History. Further details are available during the application process.

Fees: There is a fee of $100 per person for the back ground check and a $100 administrative fee for a maximum of two applicants i.e. a third applicant is required to pay a separate administrative fee.

Step Two:

Approval letter from Association: Once the application process has been completed, the Board of Directors will review the file and issue an approval letter.

Step Three:

Required documentation for closing: Estoppels, Condo Questionnaires, Condominium Documents & Disclosure Forms must be requested online for a fee. Please go to www.fsresidential.com to request the required documents. Different packages are available depending on the required documents for closing.

Affidavit of Sufficient Funds: If necessary, an Affidavit of Sufficient Funds is signed by a Board Member. This documents confirms the Association has money to cover a Notice of Commencement for any on-going projects. These requests must be submitted to the management office. Please allow 3-5 business days for signature.

Step Four:

Schedule an Orientation: All new owners are required to attend an orientation at which time you will be given a Welcome Package. Orientation is mandatory as a review of pertinent information is explained and cards and decals are issued.

Fees Collected at Orientation: A move-in fee of $250, $750 elevator security deposit, $15 per person fee for access card & a $15 barcode fee will be required at orientation.

Unit Access

Harbour House residents are issued an access card that will give them access to all amenities.  The card opens/unlocks doors and must be displayed upon request in order to use the amenities.

Beach/Pool Access

Your access card will allow you to utilize the beach chairs and umbrellas (2 chairs and 1 umbrella per unit).  Additional equipment will be available at a charge depending on availability.  Remember that all residents are required to utilize the Harbour House logo towel while using the pool or beach equipment.  Towels can be purchased in the café.


Harbour House is a pet-friendly condominium.  Please remember that all pets must be registered with the office prior to their arrival.  A pet registration form must be completed and submitted with the pet fee and vaccination records.  There is an annual fee of $50 due every June 1 for all pet owners.  Pets are restricted to 1 pet per apartment under 25lbs.  Visiting pets are not allowed under any circumstances.  Please remember that all pets are to be transported using the service elevator.  In case the service elevator is down, you may use elevator number 2.  All pets must be carried while using elevator number 2 and must also be carried when walking through the common areas.  A Dog Park  is available for your use.  The dog park is located in the plaza between Harbour House and the Ritz Carlton.  Remember that dogs can only be walked.

Bicycle Parking

A bicycle is convenient for getting around Bal Harbour.  Bicycle parking is located in the garage but please remember to register your bicycle with the office.  In an effort to keep the bike racks orderly, a sweep is done regularly to remove abandoned or broken bicycles.  There is also a Bal Harbour Express Bus that is available for residents.  The shuttle is offered free of charge (Bal Harbour Express Bus).

Emergency Notifications

Email notifications are routinely sent by the office in order to keep residents abreast of important updates.  Please be sure to keep your email address updated with the management office.  In case of an emergency, a Resident Alert will be sent to all residents.  This is a phone message that will be sent to your emergency contact number.  Please be sure to register your phone number with the office in order to receive these important alerts.


Deliveries are accepted for residents through our Receiving Department or the Front Desk.  A form must be signed allowing staff members to sign for your delivery.  It is important to have your email address on file with management office in order to receive a delivery notification from the building.  Large packages can be picked up from the receiving office and smaller packages may be picked up at the front desk.